Best Tourist Places in India for Families

Best Tourist Places in India for Families

India is a land of diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences, making it a perfect destination for families with children of all ages. From the bustling cities of Delhi and Mumbai to the serene beaches of Goa and Kerala, there is something for everyone in India.

Best Tourist Places in India for Families

Here are a few of the best tourist places in India for families:


This hill station in Uttarakhand is known for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and abundance of activities for families. Children will love exploring the Naini Lake, boating, and riding on the cable car. There are also several zoos and parks in Nainital, where children can see a variety of animals and plants.


This coastal state is known for its beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and water sports activities. Families can relax on the beach, build sandcastles, and swim in the Arabian Sea. There are also several family-friendly resorts and hotels in Goa, which offer a variety of activities for children, such as kids’ clubs, swimming pools, and playgrounds.


This state in southern India is known for its lush greenery, backwaters, and Ayurveda treatments. Families can enjoy boat rides on the backwaters, visit elephant sanctuaries, and take Ayurveda massages. There are also several tea plantations in Kerala, where families can learn about the tea-making process and sample different types of tea.


This state in northwestern India is known for its forts, palaces, and deserts. Families can visit the Amber Fort, the Hawa Mahal, and the City Palace in Jaipur. They can also go on a camel safari in the Thar Desert.


The capital of India is a bustling metropolis with a lot to offer families. Children will love visiting the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, and the Qutub Minar. There are also several museums and art galleries in Delhi, where children can learn about Indian history and culture.

Best Tourist Places in India for Families

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